DH 4 - Time Sport US
DH 4 - Time Sport US
DH 4 - Time Sport US

DH 4

T2GV014 0000TU

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The DH 4 is built with an aluminum body and over sized axle to handle the roughest trail conditions and biggest descents. TIME's famous easy entry and exit system allows riders to easily put a foot down when needed and clip back in fast. The open, self-cleaning design keeps the pedal clean so its function is not compromised by dirt, debris, or mud.

Axle component Over sized hollow steel axle
Bearings Steel bearings
Cleats ATAC cleats
Materials Aluminum body
SKU T2GV014  0000TU
Tension Adjustment no
Threading 9/16 - 20 inch
Weight 476 Grams
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ATAC Technology

Self Cleaning Engagement


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