Road Pedals

The pedal is your connection to your bike and the link to the incredible experiences that only the road can provide. Responsible for thousands of rotations and infinite biomechanical engagements throughout the course of a ride, the pedal serves as the arbiter between a poor cycling experience and a sublime one. TIME has been producing the best-performing road pedals for over thirty years, and our pedals have carried cyclists to grand tour victories, world championships, and the finest rides all over the world.

Technical Features

IClic: Easy Clip-In


Ergonomics - Low Stack Height


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Better Together

The new TIME Osmos shoe makes a perfect pairing with the XPRO and XPRESSO pedals. Increased comfort from supple uppers, sole design and venting with the added benefit of adding minimal stack height with the pedal, cleat shoe combination.


When seconds count

The XPRO family is made for going fast. The large platforms allows for a bigger platform for better power transfer and makes long rides more comfortable by reducing "hot spots".

We took the best of the XPRESSO design and added an aero plate cuts through the air, protects the underside of the pedal and enhances cleat engagement.


Bleu, Blanc, Rouge. The colors say it all. Unique technology, designed and made in France. Match your pedals to the rest of your TIME build with our Edition Francaise XPRESSO 7 pedals.