Our Story

Each story has its beginning, let’s discover ours. France, 1986, in the little city of Nevers. Mr Roland Cattin and some passionate craftsmen with unique “know-how” and skill built the TIME company and invented the first automatic (clipless) road pedal.

More than 30 years later, we are driven by the perpetual search of perfection, innovation and the highest quality.

A brand and its heroes

Our story has been marked by some legends of cycling. We evolved and grew thanks to some emblematic people such as Tom Boonen, Laurent Fignon, Gilbert Duclos-Lassalle,Pedro Delgado, Jeannie Longo, Miguel Indurain, Julien Absalon, Julie Bresset, and so many other champions.

“That was exactly what I was looking for: responsiveness, reliability – these bikes always seemed dynamic to me.” Thomas Voeckler

The pursuit of perfection

We design, develop, produce and assemble our bikes in France, thanks to the unique knowledge and expertise of our teams. Made by hand, the bicycles we create are exceptional and unique. They are produced using our core technology — Resin Transfer Molding, exclusive to our brand, used by no other bicycle producer. This exclusive process is responsible for the precise construction of our frames giving you the amazing and legendary TIME ride and road feel. Our ultimate goal, each day, is perfection.

A story of innovations

At TIME, we have always considered that performance and comfort are inseparable. Each innovation on our products are created toward this equation. That’s why our concept of bioperformance was born: to offer products completely adapted to the morphology of cyclists, improving pedaling efficiency, turning more effort into more speed.