CYCLO 10 - Time Sport US
CYCLO 10 - Time Sport US
CYCLO 10 - Time Sport US


T2GC001X 0000TUX

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Here's what the gravel market has been waiting for: road pedal performance with mountain pedal functionality. The Cyclo 10 is a road pedal built around a mountain cleat, allowing you to use a mountain bike shoe and have road pedal performance. A secure connection with tight coupling and tension adjustment ensures great power transfer, support, and performance. Using our ATAC mountain bike clamping mechanism and cleat, the Cyclo pedal is perfect for gravel and adventure rides. Our easy entry system and self-cleaning design allows the Cyclo to consistently perform in adverse conditions, while a carbon body and hollow steel axle keep the weight low.

Materials Carbon body
Axle Hollow Steel
Tensioning Progressive
Bearings Steel Bearings
Included Cleat ATAC 13
Threading 9/16 - 20 inch
SKU T2GC001 0000TU
Weight 128 grams
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