XPRO 12 - Time Sport US
XPRO 12 - Time Sport US
XPRO 12 - Time Sport US


T2GR002 0000TU

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The XPro 12 is the go-to pedal thanks to its carbon body and titanium axle. Power transfer and stability are maximized with a large, 725mm-squared surface area. The bottom fairing was created to improve aerodynamics and protect the carbon blade. TIME's patented pre-opened Iclic system allows for fast and easy cleat engagement. Tension adjustment on the carbon blade has three positions to precisely manage the pressure of the clamping mechanism. The stack height is low, which keeps the pedal light weight with good pedaling clearance. The XPro 12 uses a titanium axle for a maximum rider weight of 90kg.

Accessories ICLIC cleats
Axle component Titanium axle
Bearings Steel bearings
Body component Carbon-filled
Cleats Xpresso cleats
Contact surface area 725 mm2
Materials Carbon body
Pedal stack height 13.5 mm
SKU T2GR002 0000TU
Tension 3 different settings of carbon blade
Threading 9/16 - 20 inch
Weight 188
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